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Good: see all patients within 20 mins of starting my shift, prioritize care easily, safety checks (lines, tubes, drains, wounds -have caught many infiltrating IVs and even initiated rapid responses d/t crashing patients which would have otherwise waited 30mins+ to be rounded on), patients feel included in care, patients add great info (at times), patients hear plan of care 2-3x day (e.g. walk in hallway 3x/day, great reminders/motivators), can ask off-going nurse questions

Bad: takes longer (can stop patient and tell them when you’ll be back)

Tips…works best if on-coming staff can look up info before bedside report, we asked patients if they wanted to be woken up or not, there will be a lot of resistance (it’s about the PATIENTS!, not the staff), management will notice their payroll hours increase but also patient safety and satisfaction!

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