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I agree 100% with the advice given. If another nurse finds out that you were talking about her or him behind their back and they find a mistake you made, they won’t hesitate to throw you under the bus..iv’e seen it more than once.
Know that you will make mistakes and talk to someone you trust about any mistakes that you do make keeping the patient safety in mind above all. If you did harm, be honest…it may save a life. Keep your head down and absorb everything the older more tenured nurses are saying and doing. Emulate everything good you see and throw away the bad, use your intuition to decipher what is what in this area.
Get lots of sleep, don’t come to work anything less than the best you can be that day…remember, as bad a day as you can have….your patients is almost always worst. They wouldn’t be in a hospital if they were having a good day more often than not.
Stay humble and most of all,..pray.

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