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The best advice I can give is never listen to another nurse doctor or whoever and do something you know is wrong, unsafe, or may harm the patient. Even if it your boss, your charge, or a doctor. You worked hard to become a nurse and if you feel inside something is not right with a patient, or whatever the circumstance, follow up on your concerns, because sometimes bosses, charges, ect. Have different agendas than you do (safe patient care) and their advice might get someone hurt, and its your name on the chart. Your license and your conscience that will be destroyed if you do something to hurt another. Nursing is not like working in a factory where you just follow commands, we use critical thinking and make life and death decisions at times. Just because they are a boss does not mean you have to do something they say if you feel it is not right.
You had to have a brain to graduate thru the hell of nursing school so use it and don’t defer to others opinions or suggestions if you feel inside it is wrong.

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