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I didn’t mean for that to seem like an attack and I apologize for sounding that way. It’s just that if people outside of healthcare read that they may interpret it incorrectly. I know you did not mean “better”. I certainly am seriously considering going back for a BSN. I worked at Ohio State on the implementation of their current EMR as well as post go-live phone support and thought my extensive knowledge and experience with the complex application would get me a clinical job. That would have allowed me to go back to school for free and get that BSN. So it looks like racking up more school loan debt is my only choice. I hate what I’m doing now (skilled nursing in a rehab facility). I would rather be working with the elderly on their long term unit but they don’t want to pay an RN for that. I’m caught in between…considered under-qualified for a hospital position and considered over-qualified for long term care

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