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Julie-trust me I have the debt you are speaking about and will be paying school loans well after I’m dead lol. It’s not funny but I have to laugh to Keep from crying. As I said, I took the BSN because I wanted to nurse, and the only place I knew I could get the degree to do that only offered the BSN. I have met so many nurses ADN and LPN alike who could run rings around my knowledge and skills, because they have been doing it for years. Like I said I don’t make the rules. I’m now having to consider going back to school and acquiring more debt to get my MSN because in my state they NOW require a Doctorate to teach! This wasn’t the case 5 years ago when I graduated and I’m an older student as well and know I will never survive my later years on a hospital floor running wild like what is required to work with 6 patients and no techs. Because my facility has also decided to go to all all RN staff as well, and the facility I work for is a huge chain across the US and that’s why I gave the advice I did when asked. I know this is a touchy topic and believe me I understand why, I have worked with BSNs and ADNs who thought themselves too good to do this type of work or another. That is why I made a point to say what I did. We are ALL nurses and should work together as professionals to the betterment of the patients. It’s real simple. 🙂

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