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ADNs and BSNs take the same NCLEX and get the same license. In most places, they get paid the same too. I got my BSN (1998) b/c I thought I might like to teach at some point.

I am still doing patient care, but I am glad I got my BSN. I worked NICU for 10 years (BSN required). I also had a position as a Nurse Liaison (BSN required) for the IT Dept for the computer documentation lunacy. (I am a big techie geek.) Now I work in Pediatric Home Health. My company does not require a BSN…. unless you take care of kids on home ventilators – which is what I do.

I mentor nursing students. My BSN students always find a job quickly. My only ADN student had a lot of trouble at first. She wants to do Trauma and everybody wants a BSN for that. She has only been working for a month in a LTC facility and has already made the decision to go back and get her BSN.

I would recommend nothing less than a BSN to anyone starting out now. In the long term, it ultimately costs less b/c you don’t have to “go back” to school. I know LPNs and ADNs who could work circles around me! But if you get bored or burn out on what you are doing and you try a new scene… experience won’t always get you the job. That BSN requirement is coming from “on high” – not the managers in the trenches!

I still think about teaching…. but now you have to have a Masters for that! Ironic, huh?

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