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I’m now less than a year from finishing my DNP, after doing my BSN at the behest of the Navy. I can say that I’ve been offered many jobs that, quite frankly, I wasn’t qualified for – simply because I had a 4-year degree. I have no idea what it’s like to have an ADN, but the BSN (and my recent MN) does open some doors.
That being said, I work alongside both BSN and ADN nurses, and unless they tell me, I have no idea who is who. The BSN prepared me to write really cool research papers, and taught me much about nursing theory, but was of little practical value on the job.
If you get the amazing opportunities I did (8 years of college, all paid for, while drawing full salary and benefits), great. The extra education does help with some things. However, for those considering a career in nursing while weighing cost vs. benefit, the ADN may be the way to go.

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