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I think the ANA should have implemented their position paper WAY back in 1965 which stated that the only professional nurse is one with a Bachelor’s degree. By now almost 50 years later there would be no forum because the only path to being a professional nurse would be a MINIMUM Of a BSN. I am all for raising the bar and go as far as requiring ALL Professional nurses to possess a minimum of a MSN and the Administrative personnel to have a PhD. This is one of the goals of many Ivy-League Medical Centers. University of PA has already implemented the minimum of a BSN for being a staff nurse and have eliminated LPNs back in the late 1960s.
When I went back to school for my BSN and was hoping to transfer my college credits towards the degree I was told, “Sorry, you KNEW they type of program you chose when you decided to become a nurse, therefore, you will now have to learn nursing skills in a collegiate manner- No credits” BTW, I took the same courses as their own BSN students took but the fact I was not enrolled in a BSN Program somehow made those credits substandard – I had an overall average of 3.78 in all my courses- so back to school I went.

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