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No offense to the OP, but I’m starting to feel like asking this question is akin to beating a dead horse. If the market in the geographical area requires a BSN for entry level practice, that would make the BSN a “must”. The facility I work for – a large, urban, academic center – hasn’t hired ADNs for years. They strongly “encourage” the nursing staff acquire certifications and Masters degrees even (thankfully they reimburse 12K a year).

That said, I feel that everyone agrees that a BSN is no better clinically than an ADN. Unfortunately, in a day and age where the major professional nursing associations have endorsed the BSN as entry level, and the fact that facilities have to have a certain percentage of BSNs on staff to obtain the coveted Magnet status, the role of the ADN is increasingly diminished. I encourage anyone who asks me about going into nursing to go directly for their BSN if at all possible.

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