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I’ve been an ADN RN since 1989. My fortunate circumstance is that I DO NOT want to be in management!! To me, this is the ONLY reason to have a BSN!! My years of experience far outweigh the book-knowledge required for the degree!!
A lot of BSNs have no urge to do actual patient care WHEN their goal is to be in management! I have worked with many of this type of RN. They don’t want to help with the physical care of a patient but they’re quite willing to give meds and/or start IVs etc. BUT don’t ask them to help with changing an incontinent patient…..they might get their uniform dirty or their hair mussed!
I did try to go back and get my degree,however, financial circumstances and shift work soon put an end to that effort!
I take offense to anyone saying that I’m not as good as they are just because I’m not degreed, especially if they are new grads!!
I really love new nurses!! I will help them as much as I can to learn-after all, who’s going to look after me when I need care?? BUT I will NOT be disrespected by anyone just because there’s no BSN behind my name!!!
My doctors where I work, respect me for my knowledge and my ability to care for their patients! They really don’t care about the letters after my name. They’re very happy to see me caring for their patients and often say so outloud!!!
BSN shouldn’t be a must, a smart, caring nurse should be a must!!

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