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First, here is the position statement from the AACN explaining their view . Second, the push towards magnet status is also fueling the push towards BSN. I started nursing as a LPN. I ended up in a BSN program because the LPN-to-BSN program in my area was playing games with us for three years, “There wasn’t enough candidates for the program,” Bull—-, there was over 36 of us (12 required for a class) & we all knew each other since we had core classes together. There was proof due to an internal email leaked out by a college Information Technologist concerned for us (they were trying to push us to their full ASN program to bring their stats & NCLEX pass rates). Our state board was notified before I could tell them (already aware and taking action). I do not believe that a BSN makes a better nurse. I still know LPN’s, Diploma RN’s, and ASN’s that make me feel inferior with their knowledge and skills! A nurse is a nurse! It makes me furious to have nurses degraded just because they don’t have a BSN! Facilities are wasting invaluable knowledge and skill bases for the want of a few letters behind a name! I really think that our field will be severely stunted due to want for BSN’s. I still stand behind experience, it is a better teacher than anything else. I’ve worked with BSN’s and higher that I would not trust to take care of my cats!!!! My grandmother was a diploma RN and she was one of the resources for her facility. One of the differences I noted between the two programs I attended was a decrease in bedside hours for BSN students. I spent more clinical/bedside time as a Student Practical Nurse than I did as a Student Baccalaureate Nurse. I still feel that bedside clinicals are more valuable than theory. Anyone can learn theory at anytime. Learning to observe, identify issues, and care for the patient are skills you truly cannot teach in a classroom. You have to learn to see the patient, not the monitor, or anything else, and identify that something is not right. I know I’m rambling, but I could go on about this for hours. Every educational level of nursing has something to contribute! Nurses should not be discounted for a lack of letters!!!!! I want to become an educator and help change perception of this situation. (Thank you for giving us the forum to discuss this matter.)

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