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I am currently going back to school. Although I am happy in my job, I have the best job, I get paid to take care of my disabled mother in our home. Anyway, I am wondering at this stage of my life, i am 39, if i want to be a nurse. My major at school is psyscholgy. I would like to be a therapist of some type. It has rattled around in my head about being a phy nurse. Anyway, I was considering just the LPN program at the collage i am going to, but not if it isnt going to get me a job just in a nursing home. I need to find out if the company I work for will employ me with an LPN in the home, will have to see. I know at this time of my life i dont think i want to be a nurse if it means i have to go “all the way” and get a BSN if i want a decent nursing job.

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