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I have a BSN, not because I wanted an admin job but because I thought it would get me to where “I want to be” faster. I am not likely to take an admin job anytime soon. I never considered using my BSN degree to become and admin. But just as we shouldn’t knock the experience of the long-time ADN and LPN nurses, don’t knock the education and added skill sets of the BSN. All of what I got out of my education/degree I use in my work setting as a correctional nurse and as a rural nurse. I am the only member of my team with a BSN. But the ADN, LPN and the MA I work with have been invaluable teachers and colleagues. I plan on continuing my education, getting certified in wound care, foot care and getting a Master’s. I am thinking about a Doctorate or NP. For me, the credentials are not about moving away from patients, but enhancing my interaction with them. I work a dream job. I’m not likely to give that up to sit behind a desk, despite an advanced degree…

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