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Having a BSN is going to be the “norm”. Between the government and the insurance companies, these are going to be driving the issue. Is BSN more marketable? Absolutely! I have been in surgery now for over 23 years, first as a surgical Tech, and now an ASN for over 4 years. I recently went online looking for surgical RN positions, guess what, many are looking for BSN’s. With my experience including only 4 years as a nurse, I can run circles around some nurses that do have more years in experience as a nurse. Your profession is an experience based. And yes I would like to manage an OR down the road, but in order to do this I must have a BSN. This is where I am now, I am planning to go back to school to finish my BSN, as of right now I am about half way there. I also work at a local LTC facility on the weekends as the charge nurse. Their reimbursement is based on how many RN coverage they have during each shift vs. LPN’s. At times, I go to my LPN counterpart for some advice, she is awesome and has been dealing with the elderly a lot longer than myself. After said all this, yes my advice to anyone going into nursing go for your BSN at the least!

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