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The push to require BSN for nurses comes from evidence based practice. The higher the percentage of BSN nurses in a facility the better their patient safety scores. Reimbursements are tied to Patient safety scores. That is what is driving the push to BSN nurses. The last hospital I worked for set a goal to increase their staff from 35% to 85% BSN nurses and the diploma and ADN nurses were told to plan on getting a BSN if they wanted to keep their jobs. At the current time there is no nursing shortage in the Northeast. New grads are having a hard time finding jobs and a lot of hospitals have laid off nurses. I currently work in a level 1 trauma center in the ED and we are required to have AT LEAST a BSN. We have a fair number of MSN nurses. Whether you agree with it or not new nurses coming out of school need a BSN. The more education and certifications you have the more employable you are. I have a BSN, CEN and CPEN. as well as experience. that’s why I had no trouble getting a job when I decided to move here. I tell everyone who asks me to get a BSN. Or start with an ADN but plan to go to school part time while you work and get a BSN. Use any educational benefits your facility provides. Many years ago MD’s only had 4 year degrees but I think you would all agree that is no longer appropriate.

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