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Loretta: you state we must first lobby for the BSN to be the standard entry level requirement, but then in the next paragraph you argue, “Constantly running to college to get “more” education is just plain not necessary.”

I feel your pain about how you are frustrated that you were required to go back to school for another degree and another certificate because you wanted to change fields. School is great, but I think we would all agree that experience is better.

I would suggest to people just going into nursing to get a BSN, because that is the way the tide id going, but I am opposed to this with all of my being. I would put my nursing skills up against all other nurses, and even though I’m only an ADN nurse, I bet I would score fairly well.

Sue: you argue that the push to BSN requirement is evidenced based, but I would argue that a good number of nurses end up working in the general area in which they went to school. There are more universities in big cities that provide BSN programs, and people that like big cities will go to school there and live there and work in big city hospital that require BSN degrees, while rural folks, like me, will attend the local ADN program and work in a rural hospital.

I don’t doubt the numbers, but I do doubt the conclusion. Correlation does not mean causation. People do better in big city hospitals where they have access to every specialty known to man 24/7 than they do in a rural hospital in the middle of nowhere.

The increased requirements in nursing is going to be its undoing. Requiring a doctorate level degree for a mid-level provider job is crazy. If they want the nurse/doctor to be a doctor, then they better start putting them through residency programs like the MDs and DOs have to go through, otherwise they are nothing more than overly trained mid-level providers.

Some schools are requiring a doctorate level to teach nursing … really? I would rather have an instructor that had several years of bedside nursing who was skilled at sharing his/her experiences than someone who graduated high school, spent the next decade in school, and came out the other side with a doctorate and decided they didn’t like the smell of poop so became an instructor.

Yes, I believe a BSN is the future, but I think this is short sighted and wrong, but not as wrong as the other educational requirements that are going on in the upper levels of nursing.

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