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Jason, Your assumption that the DNP degree for NP’s necessitates a residency program is just silly. The whole idea, and the push being made by the AANP/ACNP folks is to distinguish PA’s from NP’s. They are not equivalent, nor should they be lumped together as “mid-levels”. A PA will never be autonomous, as indicated by the title “physician assistant”. A Nurse Practitioner is an autonomous health care provider, not an “assistant”. The DNP gives the NP the extra year of management, informatics and research experience, all of which are designed to help the NP in private practice. The DNP is NOT a push to make nurses physicians, but to better qualify NP’s to fill their intended role.
As to your comment on “teachers”, are you really assuming that a nurse with an advanced degree has no bedside experience? I’m in my 10th year of college, and I’d put my skills and experience up against anyone’s.

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