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I keep seeing people posting that the BSN is management oriented, which is simply not the case. My facility requires nothing less than a BSN to work at the bedside, certifications are highly encouraged. Entry level management requires a MSN, upper level managers are required to have a PhD, MPH, or MBA in addition to their nursing degree. Granted, I work at a large, Ivy League academic facility in the Northeast, but we all know that this kind of stuff ends up trickling down to nonacademic facilities eventually.

Yes, we all take the same boards, but bedside nursing is not longer *just* about clinical knowledge. We’re expected to be able to read and interpret research, participate in QA/QI, and in many instances, work under the self governance model. Can an ADN learn these things? Sure, but I’m seeing many facilities favor BSN graduates who already have this basic knowledge and provide them with longer clinical orientation rather than have to school an ADN on nonclinical issues.

Like it or not, this is where nursing is headed. It isn’t happening as rapidly as the professional organizations would like, but it is happening.

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