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Julie-omg! I am so sorry that you took that statement that way! I should’ve said a BSN or higher degree I guess. I thought I made it VERY clear in my post that I only held a BSN because the closest school had no ADN programs, then I said SPECIFICALLY that I did not feel BSN’s were any BETTER nurses than ADN’s …..but the hospitals in my area are talking about going to an all BSN staff so I would suggest getting your BSN to be safe! I also stated we lost a lot of good nurses when we lost our LPN”s as well, so please no attacks from the LPNs on here lol…We nurses that practice bedside care don’t get to make these decisions, they are usually made by the bosses who forgot what nursing was long ago, and I don’t agree with this, but there again, I don’t make the rules. Don’t hate the player hate the game….

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