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I earned my BSN 40 years ago. My mother was a nurse and when I decided that I also wanted to enter the profession she said she would agree ONLY if I got my BSN. I am grateful for her forethought and I am glad that I have it. However, my BSN has never earned me one penny more than my co-workers, most of whom hold ADs. My current employers has issued a mandate that all nurses under their employment must earn a BSN by 2020 or they will no longer be able to practice at that institution. While I applaud the encouragement of higher learning, I am very curious as to where all the “qualified” nurses are going to come from. I am fortunate to work with extremely high caliber nursed who I enjoy and trust. Frankly I have no idea what degree many of them hold. And to be sure, Management doesn’t issue these proclamations. These come down from the Ivory Tower of educators who may have never worked as a bedside nurse. More nursing needing education, means more money for the college coffers.

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