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I know its been a while since this thread was added to, but I want to add my 2 cents. Lol!! I graduated with my ADN in 2006 and had no desire to take it any further, it was hard enough to do that. That being said, I was not allowed to go into the ICU from med/surg because I didn’t have my BSN. This is not a facility restriction, but a preference of the director (he also has a preference for young skinny brunettes, but that’s another thread). I decided to get my BSN to help my career, because if I was going to be limited in my own facility, I knew that it was only a matter of time before I would be forced to advance my education just to keep my job. All of that being said, and finally getting into the ICU, I see absolutely no difference in the type of nurse between the degrees. You can either apply what you have learned or you can’t.

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