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To any one who is considering nursing now, I really encourage the BSN, even if you start with an ADN program and then go to school part time for the BSN. I failed to go for the BSN 30 years ago and while I have a bachelors and a masters they are not in nursing and do not seem to count for much when I am looking at nursing jobs.

On the other hand, they have been talking about making the BSN the entry into practice for new nurses for at least 30 years and so far it has not happened. I am really surprised about the states that are considering making a doctorate the entry level for advanced practice nurses, for the same reasons mentioned above. I am not sure what is driving that, perhaps thinking that having a doctorate in nursing practice will give Nurse practitioners more creditability with the medical community?

I think that RNs would be further along as a profession (more respect) if the BSN became the entry point. (All existing RNs would be grandfathered in and would not need to complete their BSN to keep their licenses).

I no longer do direct patient care and have lost out on jobs because I don’t have the BSN. I have about 15 years left to work before I retire and may consider going back to school again for the BSN or do a RN to MSN program, but I will have to weigh the cost. I won’t spend $50,000 or more for a degree that won’t return me that much in wages.

As a Associate degree nurse with > 30 years of experience, my salary at one point was higher than a MSN nurse teaching nursing at a private college in my city. So degrees do not guarantee more money. This nurse had $75,000 in student loan debt, earned $45,000 a year and was over 50 years old. She is going to have to work a long time to pay that back.

As far the discussion about whether one degree is better than the other, or if the BSN students are not prepared well enough compared to AD students, there are good nurses from all types of programs. And bad nurses too!

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