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I am a BSN but because the nearest college did not offer An Associate program. All of the nurses I work with are talking about how it seems the trend these days is for the hospitals (at least The ones in my area) to only want BSN or better on their staffs. This was after our facility got rid of all of the LPNs a few years back and now are getting rid of the CNAs as well. We lost a lot of good nurses when we lost our LPNs but it was not our decision. I’ve heard rumors the new changes in healthcare reimbursement was the reason for that. If I were asked by someone who had not started nursing school yet or was a student at present I would sincerely suggest they go ahead and get their BSN just in case. Although I don’t feel BSNs are any better nurses than ADNs, it’s not much more schooling to get your BSN. A lot of the ADNs I work with are going back to school to get their BSN or better. Some out of fear, others just to further their education.

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