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I’ve been feeling burnout also. I am the clinical educator on my unit and it is a huge responsibility. Our unit is very very busy with high acuity rates. The staff is young with 1to 2 yrs experience and need a lot of help. I worked 3 12hr shifts this week and didn’t have the opportunity to do any of my educator job, too busy helping everyone. All the nurses appreciate me but I really don’t think my manager knows what I’m doing. I cannot say no to these nurses. If they aren’t supported they will not stay in the profession. I keep telling myself it will get better but I’m feeling the stress along with stress of not getting my job done. I feel the nurses need help more. It’s not I don’t know how to say No its I feel experienced nurses shouldn’t. We MUST mentor our young. Vacation in 7 days I’ll get rejuvenated then. Asking for prayers!!!!

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