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I’ve been a nurse for 14 years. In my opinion – and experience – if you THINK you are a burnout…. you probably are!

Do you find yourself dreading going to work on your days off? Do you FEEL suddenly angry at people without any real reason? Insomnia or Anxiety? I had all of the above & then some about 10 years in. At my worst, I would look for reasons to call out. I even found myself crying in the bathroom a few times!

I sought treatment for the insomnia and anxiety. I tried time off – it didn’t work for me. I had to have a change. So I tried out a couple of other areas of nursing that I had thought about before and finally found the place I felt I “belonged”! Now i love being a nurse again! I also feel more effective where I am now. I get paid less….but what is your sanity worth?

If you think you are burned out – then likely you are. Try a long vacation. If that doesn’t work… you may just need a change of scenery. Whatever you do, find someone sympathetic & encouraging to talk to about it. Suffering on your own only makes it worse!

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