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Your second line….”I love my job as a memory care nurse.” If this is truthful, I don’t think you are burned out. I think you are dissatisfied with your place of employment. There is a difference. Ask yourself a few questions. If I love what I do, love my residents, and think I’m good at what I do, why do I want another position within the facility? Am I more focused on being passed over for other positions than I am enjoying and excelling at my current position? Would I like what I do if I did it somewhere else? I have been a nurse for quite a while and I also taught nursing. What I see happening in nursing is that employers don’t find a satisfactory way to reward their staff for the contributions that they make. The result is that we start to view our jobs from a standpoint of what we “deserve” and what we should be “getting” from our jobs as opposed to what we should be “giving.” Only you have the choice to be happy in your job, or make the decision to go to another facility. But one thing is for sure…staying where you are and being resentful is obviously taking a toll on your mental health and probably effecting the job that you do as well. If you can’t change your attitude, you’ll have to change your location. The other thing I wanted to encourage is that you make sure you are not expecting your job to be your sole source of satisfaction. Find things outside of work that you find enjoyable and relaxing.

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