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I’ve been an Aide for a few years now; and if all goes well, I’ll be an RN in two years. I agree with the others that claim it is a VERY good idea to be a CNA before becoming an RN. There is a huge difference of quality of care between RN’s that were CNA’s and RN’s that weren’t. For that, I am thankful for the experience I’m gaining. On the flip side, one of my MAJOR reasons to persevere through nursing school is so I DON’T HAVE TO BE A CAREER CNA. Don’t get me wrong; I love my job but I could NEVER make a career out of this. Every individual I’ve met that has been a CNA for 20+ years loves their job, but their body is suffering. If I have back pain in my 20’s, I can’t imagine my physical health in a a couple decades.

I will acknowledge that RN’s work their rears off, but everywhere I’ve worked they do significantly less physically-straining work than the CNA’s.

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