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I think the CNA before RN is similar to prior service enlisted before becoming an officer in the military. There is a huge difference between officers that were formally enlisted and officers that came in as officers (like me.) It is good knowing how the system works and what the expectations of the people you are working with. While I neither worked as a CNA before getting my RN nor was I prior service before becoming an officer, I see the advantage of both … but to get back to the original question, do people who use CNAs as a stepping stone to becoming an RN hurt the field of CNAs? The increased turn over rate at facilities and stuff like that … would it be better if CNAs were their own field, or is the benifit of having RNs better trained right out of school worth the damage it does to the field of CNAs with the high turn over and attracting people who aren’t actually interested in working in that field, but just doing it as a stepping stone.

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