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I worked as a Surgical Tech for about 20 yrs, then went back to school for my RN. Doing this was a tremendous help, I felt that nursing school was a walk through the park, yes I did have to study some but 75% of it came natural. Now saying that was it my experience? yes I believe it was.
So back to your blog, Yes I believe every nurse should have to go through some type of CNA course and or work as a CNA. Yes our first 5 weeks in nursing school was CNA training, but there were only a very few students that had actually worked as a CNA or started to work as one. I also work 32hrs on the weekends as a charge nurse at a local nursing home. I have seen so many nurses right out of school that have no clue in assisting our residents. I contribute this to inexperience and some immaturity level of these nurses. Also I believe if you are a parent, this helps out a great deal in assisting with the residents ADL’s. The last one would be common sense of course, in nursing you gotta have it!
Right now, my fiance` is working as a CNA, he has almost completed all of his pre-req’s for nursing and he was unsure if this was a right career choice for him. So I told him he needed to do this to be sure of a nursing career. The facility loves him, he does an excellent job, no that I am bias or anything. I believe he will make an excellent nurse, he has the common sense and most of all the compassion to care for others.

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