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Cell phones were allowed on our person, but I worked in an office and had my own office space. There was not abuse of the cell phone freedom, so we were permitted to have them in our pockets. Between being parents or the children of elderly adults, or having to communicate with our spouse or Drs office or day care, or the babysitter, or the neighbor who called to tell me that my dog was loose, etc, almost every one had legitimate reasons for carrying their phones, and no one abused the privilege, so it worked. There is obviously potential for abuse of this freedom.

The some of the providers had smart phones to use to access the internet, but most of us just used our desk PCs for looking up medical info when we needed it. There were PCs every where, so it was not necessary to use a handheld device.
In the ICU were my RN family member works, smart phones are OK to look up drugs etc and the employer has no problem with it. If you abuse it, then every one loses, so it self policing.

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