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Official policy is not to use them anywhere the public can see you use them, so only on breaks in the break room. There have been people fired from my facility for breaking this policy. On the other hand, it seems pretty selective on who can get away with using them and who can’t. I see managers using their personal cell phones all of the time. I see employees using their cell phones in front of their managers all of the time. I think it is just another rule they have put out so those people they want to get rid of, they have another way of getting rid of them. If the computer Nazis at work would unblock all of the pages they currently have blocked from the hospital computers, we wouldn’t need to use our cell phones nearly as much. I mean, blocking all pages dealing with illegal drugs from an ER computer … really? How do they expect us to find information on some of the newer synthetic street drugs out there that haven’t made it into our approved drug database yet? I’ve had my manager send me a text while we were both at work, reminding me of a meeting we had scheduled. To top it all off, even though we can’t use our private cell phones in public, we all have to carry around hospital cell phones now, so I spend more time answering the phone in patient rooms now than I ever did before.

I think there is a time and a place for technology, but banning sites and cell phone use across the board is just treating us like children. If there is a problem, talk to the person causing the problem. If there isn’t a problem, don’t fix it. Our admin seems to focus more on what the other hospitals are doing and trying to match that instead of keeping our small hospital community thrive like it has for years because we are more laid back. There is a reason people like me prefer to work for small hospitals instead of big hospitals, but if we are just going to copy all of the policies the other (big) hospital are enacting, what’s the point?

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