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Tonight is the night … at midnight T-System goes away and Cerner goes online. I’m thinking I will go in tonight just to watch the computer servers melt down and the wait times go through the roof. I’m hoping it goes better than expected, but out of all of the changes they have done to our charting methods, none of them have been for the better, IMHO. If I could, I would go back to the same tri-fold paper chart for every patient. After that, we moved to paper T-system, to get us used to the T-system format, but each template would have everything in a different spot, so you would have to search for it. Then came computer T-system, which is a great computer charting method for ERs, but it is still computer charting. I used to be able to be done with a patient completely before I can even get the in room computers to log on. Now we are taking another step backwards to comply with Obamacare … the hospital will get a lot of money out of the deal, since we will, again, meet ‘meaningful use’ standards in the first year they are recommended, but as a general rule … change is bad.

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