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Cnavern- when I ask other nurses about this they always say document. I’m not sure what purpose this serves tho. What could documenting these incidents do to help the situation? Could not anyone document anything they want about anyone? And what proves what they documented is true? I have kept a journal just to keep up with what has happened , and for therapeutic reasons, but I’m really at a loss as to what to do with this situation. One part of me says “who cares what she thinks she’s just insecure?” But another part says, ” I have worked hard to earn the respect of my co-workers and although they know she is full of crap new employees may not.” Also, the negativity brings down the unit morale, and keeps others from wanting to pursue leadership roles. One time I found the previous night charge nurse paperwork had mysteriously disappeared from the book where it is kept. I redid the paperwork, but this blatant sabotage is ridiculous and petty and can also hurt the unit when it is not found where it is supposed to be kept. I have talked to my manager about all of these issues, but she has done nothing to fix the situation, and I’m not really sure she can. I worry also if I continue to report these to her she will think I’m paranoid and just not have me charge anymore with the thought its not worth all the drama, 🙁

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