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Anne has great ideas, and I think in addition to what she suggests, you should take a note pad on the job and list every single thing you do every day for a week. Then go to your resume and be sure that you specifically list each and every skilled thing you do. Do not forget the treatments, the applications of topicals, bandage changes, injections, Ventilator dressing changes and suctions, med pass, BS and other injectibles, as well as your knowledge of each and every piece of medical equipment in your building.

List the specific things you do as a supervisor. Be sure to mention all of the direction you have given to your staff. You need to list the procedures you assisted a new nurse with and all of the evaluations you have given. I’ve used my skills evaluation sheet to be sure I listed everything.

Be sure to mention it all. Every single thing. Your nursing experience there most certainly counts. Not only did you do what you would have done on a Med/Surg floor, but you did it with the added pressure of working with an inmate.

I hope this helps. Always remember to pat yourself on the back and make sure it is in writing on each resume, CV and job application.

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