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WELL, for me I have worked as an LPN for home health in the last 4 yrs and worked in a nursing home for a couple months before losing my job. My health started failing starting January 2013. I was diagnosed with Graves about 3 yrs ago and just started having vision problems to a point where I needed surgery. It’s been 4 months post op and I am still having double vision, blurred vision, and depth perception problems. So, I am not able to work as a nurse like I used to. Yet, I am still applying for jobs so I can continue collecting unemployment.
My question is, what types of work do you think will be best for me do at this point? Any ideas? I DONT qualify for disability since their resons were: Even though I am not able to do my “current work as a nurse” that I can still do “other work.” But, they never mentioned what type of work I can do. SO, I am asking anyone that can help me out. Thank you!

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