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I have been a nurse for only 4 years. I work in LTC/Skilled Care and I too become attached to the resident’s I care for. There comes a time when quality of life is no longer there and death is the only release from continued suffering. In my opinion, it is important to be there for your patients and their families during end of life. I often struggle with what to say to offer comfort. The generic “I’m sorry for your loss” and “Now he/she is no longer suffering” seems empty and text book. So I say nothing. I hold hands, hug, and yes, cry with the family. Note that there is a difference between shedding some tears and sobbing. It’s ok to cry. It shows compassion not only for your dying patient but for the family’s loss as well. However, bawling with the family would not be ok. I think that all nurses tackle death differently. While I work mostly with the geriatric population where death is an expected outcome, I have no idea how I would handle loss of life in pediatrics. Keep your heart full of love and compassion!

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