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Most young nurses and new nurses have issues with death. It does get easier, and that nurse sounds very cold. What made a difference for me was seeing people suffer before death. We can only do what is within our orders, and I try very hard to keep people comfortable, but some ways to die are much worse than others. I have reached the point that I know death is not the worst thing that can happen to someone. Sometimes the end to suffering is actually a blessing for them and those who see them suffer. We only have so much control over our emotional responses. Our personal experiences also play a role in those responses. Supportive coworkers will help u work through the situation. Some people simply are not made for hospice and long term care where this is a frequent issue. Only you know if things are becoming better for u. I wish u the best, and dont be afraid to discuss this issue with your supervisors, friends who are nurses, pastors, etc… many people are afraid of death as well, and that can also play into it. Do whatever u have to to help yourself become more comfortable. Crying proves your human, but it really can get better.

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