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The ‘correct’ way to handle situations like that is to fill out and report QMMs, being specific as to which doctor did what. QMM reports regarding physicians will quickly leave your typical chain of command and get shuttled over to the physician peer review committee and/or chief of staff. You will never know what happens with this information, but with enough complaints from enough people, they will eventually take notice …. this is a years long process, not months. I’ve only seen a couple physicians asked to leave, and it takes a long, long time usually, unless they do something really stupid.

If the chief of emergency medicine is also a jerk, you are going to have a rough time, as nurses who complain about physicians without any support from the chief of department or chief of staff, usually have a short career in that facility.

As far as I know, the AMA doesn’t care?

If you see a physician do something illegal or negligent, you can report him/her to the state medical board, but this is a harsh thing to do, at least in this state, as that investigation will be public record and follow that physician forever (at least if they find something.)

I’ve seen entire departments write a letter of no confidence in someone and send that to admin, but after a couple of months of increased drama, everything ended up getting swept under the carpet.

Luckily all of the ER docs I work with now are awesome, but having worked with plenty of surgeons in the past, I feel your pain. Most of them would be real butts until you called them out on it. Once you confront them, they usually mellowed out, but that is not always easy to do and doesn’t always work … but actually talking with individual doctors about their behavior is probably the only way they will change, as the medical community is much better at protecting its own than the nursing community.

Good luck.

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