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It also doesn’t help that we can’t talk about our work at home (or we’re not supposed to due to patient confidentiality.) I lived in a VERY small town of 15,000 for the past 11 years and so if I mentioned ANYTHING about a patient, my husband would have known immediately who I was speaking about. Now that we’ve moved 350 miles and I work an hour away from home I can gripe a little more. No revealing patient info… just generalities. But he’s in law enforcement and he can’t talk about his job either so there’s a “Chinese firewall” that hides the stress we bring home but can’t talk about. That, and the fact we’ve relocated a total of 7000 miles 5 times throughout our marriage and at one point lived in a hotel for 3 months with 4 kids… but we’re still muddling through after 17 years.

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