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Nurse McGee- I feel you on that one. I will start telling mine a problem or situation and he will relate it back to me using his construction crew experience, I know he is trying to help, but it simply is not the same thing. If we make a mistake someone could die. If they make a mistake it is not hardly the same. It doesn’t help I worked construction for years a lifetime ago so I understand his conversations , but he did stick through nursing school with me which was almost as hard.
Kjkamk- so very true and that on top of work=stress lol
Marpan8iv-I live in a small town of about 14oo and tried working locally but it just didn’t work. The nursing reports were like “patient in room 1-billy joe bob you know married to crack head Betty sue? Oh yea she divorced him because he was sleeping with Jane doe! They never discussed the health issues only gossip . And HIPPA? Oh forget that! They do not know the word lol, so I went to the big city and got a job where we concentrate on the health issues and I don’t know a soul! It was so refreshing. Lol
Judie-I too was an older student and I have seen the marriages fail horribly in such a stress filled environment. Also, some of the younger ones told me they were there to meet and marry Doctors Really? Make an appt and see one lol don’t go through four years of hell because mommy says so or you want to meet a man! Lol. Needless to say some are not nurses now but others are still trudging through. I pray for all of us daily lol.

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