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If the truth be known, I believe your question is about the only thing violating the nurse Practice Act. But seriously, why do I say this? Because, given the information provided and then the way the question is stated, no matter how many times I read it, it just makes no sense.
Even this portion of one of your sentences “I was approached my administration to begin working nights” makes no sense and leaves the reader wondering whether you meant “I approached my administration to begin working” or “I was approached by administration to begin working”. You go on to mention aides and a LPN usually working in the med room. So what? You do not give us any info as to what this has to do with anything. Are you working in the med room also?
Seriously, Ms. Martin, I wonder if you really thought anyone could make heads or tales of this.
The following: “I feel this will violate my practice act and put my license in jeopardy.” is ambiguous, in that it does not explain to the reader what “this” refers to. Even just knowing this would at least give us some idea of what it is you find disconcerting.
Clear your mind and read what you have composed or have a friend read it and see what conclusions can be drawn……few if any, I’m sure. I hope you don’t feel I was trying to be a jerk with my response, because I was not. But when sending in something that many will read, one should take time to proofread and make sure they are saying what they mean and doing so appropriately.

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