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Sorry to have been unclear. I had been working primarily on night shift until I was injured. I returned to work after a short period of total disability. I have been working during the day when other RNs were available to assist with clients needs as was not the charge nurse. As I stated previously, I was approached to work nights. I would be the charge nurse with a LPN and 2 aids. My primary concerns about this situation are involving safety. We frequently have clients become violent which requires all staff to respond for the client’s & staff protection. If I were standing on the side or in the office, the other staff would be at a greater risk of injury. I am also concerned that the client would be injured also. Standing aside seems to be, in my opinion, to be a form of failure to due my duty and responsibilities as a RN. That’s where I feel the violation of the Nursing Practice Act comes in.
Again, I am sorry to have been unclear. I have been truly frightened about this situation and may have been part of the problem with my wording.

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