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I too work the ER although my shift is 1900-0730. I have recently began a journey to lose 100 pounds and become healthier I have always drank a lot of water but when I was flying as a medic in my former life, the private aviation airports would always have some sort of flavored water, my favorite was always the cucumber mint! So I have recently started filling my cup with water and putting a few slices of cucumber and a few sprigs of fresh mint on the bottom. I let it sit for bit and drink it all night, I just keep refilling it. Makes the water very refreshing and breaks the monotony of plain water with out adding anything artificial. I am down 58 pounds so far and everyone always asks if the cucumber and mint has anything to do with the weight loss. It does not but I always reply, ” you guys have become used to me walking around with cucumber and mint in my water, now when this place finally pushes me over the edge, and I show up with a mojito in my cup, no one will question me!!” That usually gets a good chuckle, but the flavor is great.

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