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My mind wanders back to the lecture my Psyche Prof gave while I was yet a student all of those years ago…”There is a reason for every kind of behavior.”

That said, when a new staff person comes aboard (let’s face it. We’ve all been there..) there is a certain amount of undisclosed fear and anxiety that can rear its’ ugly head in a variety of ways: Hesitancy, inability to finish on time, grandiose ideas I call New Grad SuperNurse Can’t Tell Me Anything Syndrome, the list goes on.

But there are also the ones facing those moments of uncertainty who actually DO care, to the point where they go home wondering if they’ve missed something and lost valuable sleep over it. Even they get picked on.

It’s true a new person does have to prove themselves, but it’s also true that seasoned individuals should be grateful for the help, and patient with new ones that are still brand spankin, new grads and ripe for learning.

These will be the ones taking of us some day. And frankly, speaking for myself, I want them to be well prepared and ready!!

God bless our young.

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