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I believe reporting her to the state board of nursing is indeed the right way to go. She has shown herself to be a “repeat offender” and if she’s saying this to co-workers, who knows if she is saying it to patients and giving false or incorrect “patient education” under the guise of being a nurse. It is up to them to investigate and make the judgement, you are merely the reporter. Doing so, you are protecting the patients above all. I once was a patient at a practice where a MA identified herself as “one of the nurses” (because she was taking classes to become a LPN the office manager continued to let it slide) until I took the office manager aside (we’re friends) and told her not only was it rude and disrespectful to us nurses, it was illegal to misrepresent herself as a nurse and she was shut down pronto.

Many times those in administration or who are NOT nurses do not know the scope of practice laws that pertain to nurses and what ramifications there are for impersonation of being one. Report her and let the nursing board sort it out. If nothing else, you have the peace of mind of doing the right thing to prevent harm to a patient. If she’s done nothing wrong, no harm will come to her; if she has, she’ll be the one with repercussions.

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