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I appreciate all the suggestions. Sheengirly If you knew this CMA you wouldn’t hope she would even consider becoming an LPN. Some are nursing material and some aren’t. I know some nurses who passed the NCLEX and not have a lick of knowledge.
I have corrected her and asked others to do the same. I am her supervisor and have told her not to do this. She as far as I know has not called herself a nurse to any patients. None of them have referred to her as a nurse, they say “pill lady”. Though she has said it to co-workers and in the community. She’s saying “I’m a nurse at ******”. I do not have the authority to dismiss her from her duties but I do have the authority to write her up, clock her out, send her home and not allow her to return to work until she speaks to admin. I believe that if I can find the penalties of her actions she would stop. I do have to say that after our talk last week she has not said it at work since though is possibly continuing to misrepresent herself in the public as a nurse were we are both employed.
I have searched our OBN and nurses practice act. Haven’t found anything on this issue yet. though I believe submitting the question to the OBN is a great idea. I really appreciate all the input.
I don’t want to lose a good CMA, just want her to know her place on the team and stop representing herself as something she is not. I worked very hard to become a nurse and have earned that title.
I have had CNA’s and even people that are NON-medical state they were nurses because they worded under an MD and was crossed trained. This frustrates me greatly. Though these MD’s seen they made a mistake and corrected it.

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