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This is something near and dear to my heart:) Funny sotry…I was an Army trained Medical Specialist. That has no equal in civilian life except maybe an EMT or maybe MA, I was certified in both when I got out, but the Army offers a boatload of OJT and no degree. When my nieces were little, I would come home on leave and be practicing neo-natal on their babydolls, and I taught them infant CPR..the video of Amber at two years old doing pushpush…puff on her baby is adorable:) They thought I was a nurse, and it was easier to just let them think that. As my career advanced and I proceeded in my civilian life, and they grew up, I didn’t disabuse them of the notion, and they told all their little friends that I was a nurse, which made me secretly ashamed. Finally, they grew old enough (like around 12) when I felt they were able to understand the difference between an MA, an EMT, an administrator, and a Nurse, and gleen that I was not any less dedicated to patient care, but that I did not hold a degree in Nursing, and in fact did not possess the level of knowledge that comes from that schooling, that I was able to be free from what I had always felt was a lie. I have since gotten that schooling (4.0 hee), and Amber is now a CMA going to school for RN, straight A student:) This worked out relatively appropriately, but to tell that same lie to patients or other medical professionals would be scandelous to me. It would be criminal because patients need to know your skill-set in order to adjust their expectations, and of course peers need to know! You never know what might happen in an emergency, and if you are called out in that environment, it could mean life or death.

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