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I know a guy that told people for a long time that he was a nurse. Went to such extremes that he told people he left the profession after working in the ED for several months and seeing so many people die. It made my life a living hell because everyone kept saying that if he couldn’t make it in the profession there was no way i would be able to because I was too sensitive. The whole time i was in college i fought to prove a point that i could and would make it through. It sucks having your so called friends tell you that “yea passing a test is easy, you have to actually put it to use in the real world.” I graduated and was given a nursing service award, i was so proud. Only to find out the day that i was officially given my license that he lied and actually only worked as a NA for a year or so. I cannot look at him. It sickens me that people to this day believe him. They actually feel bad for him.

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