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My daughter, a nurse practitioner, was told by her hair dresser that she (hair dresser) knew a woman who was also a nurse practitioner in the same hospital where my daughter worked. That bunch are close knit, know each other (and their kids’ birthdays). Turns out the “nurse” was never a nurse, never as far as we know, so much as worked in a doctor’s office. She did have a nurse practitioner license on her car, drove around with a stethoscope hanging from her rear view mirror and did, indeed, proclaim on Facebook she was a nurse practitioner. Daughter reported the name to personnel and nursing admin at the hospital – an exhaustive search turned up no such person. The state board sent her a cease and desist letter to let her know legal action would ensue if she didn’t stop immediately. I guess she did. After trying to intimidate the daughter online she’s disappeared. Not before faking a two year pregnancy with a “disappearing” twin. There are crazy people in this world. I’m glad the daughter stopped her but I was worried about all those “All My Children” crazy scenarios I’ve seen! Just knew the weirdo would end up in the back of the daughter’s car one dark and stormy night (wielding a butcher knife)!

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