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Just to clairify, her original story was that she was an RN. I can’t remember where she worked when I was in nursing school. One of the stories she told her family (my uncle) was that she didn’t know her driver’s license was suspended, and until she got that taken care of, she wouldn’t have her nursing license(not accurate in my state). Her mother verbally told me to my face that she was going to school for her NP in neonatology. I just saw her mother last month at a shower, which is when she told me she was working at my old clinical hospital in the NICU. I just looked, and she is not listed as a provider on the hospital website, and the only masters program or any other higher education program that the school she claims she went to has is an MBA. I am guessing she is a tech/aide/cna, but in my state even CNA licenses are listed online, and she doesn’t have that either. I cannot even get into the amount of lying this person does.

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